Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 12 - Wich one of the social bookmarks performs the best with our system?

This is just a quick pool.
Wich social networks have you tried and wich performs the best with our tool ?

I have colected 100 digs in 24 hours yesterday. This was not enough to make the story popular but it's ok considering we only have about 50 active users in the last 24 hours. Ofcourse i got some diggs from the digg comunity also and some accidental digs (the story was ok also). But till this tool i only managed to get an avarage of 20 diggs/story.


Chris said...

Reddit and stumble upon have been working great for me. Friday I was on the reddit homepage for nearly the entire day. My post was a good post to begin with, but it definitely would have been voted down right away and never had a chance normally.

I think one of the problems with digg is that I think it checks to see if you visit the page before you digg it. If you don't your digg isn't worth as much. I think you should try to instruct users to follow the link through before they digg it (just as a test).

So far it is working great though!!!

lyloo said...

Skynex, I got an e-mail telling you wrote me a private message on BlogCatalog, but when I connect there, I have no message from you :o( and I can't even add you as friend as it tells you're only a guest there , it dissapeared somehow in the blogosphere, lol.
Would you be kind enough to post that message again, but maybe directly on my blog so it won't get lost?
Have a wonderful sunday !!

Anonymous said...

works much better at reddit or stumbleupon.

100 votes at reddit or su and you can make the front page depending on time and category.

At digg you need way more than 100 votes to get noticed.

Steve Patterosn said...

Reddit has figured you out from what I can tell. Every up votes creates a down vote when the http referrer does not exist. Maybe you should change the http referrer to be a corresponding reddit page.

skynex66 said...

Steve Patterosn: You might be right.
I'm working on that. In the meantime you can use the xml (add it to google reader) and http_referr will be sent as google.

Also this promotional method isonly for short time. For the long run please check the natural link exchange API. Will bring you much more traffic over a longer period.