Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day 14 - Small contest with 100$ prize

As you all know we need as many users as we can get so the fav exchange tool to work at his best.
I'm only one man and i would rather work on improving this tool then market it. So i thought that you my help me and our entire community by joining our referral program.

I know i have not offered a large amount of money but by the time this contest will be over if you use our tool well you can make thousands of bucks so the prize will be only a small benefit from joining our community. I'm also looking for a sponsor (or partner) for this contest so if you would like to sponsor this tool you are very welcomed.


Kerwood said...

Hey So far so good,

Someone from the site stunbled me and I got over 200 hits in an hour.


Grant said...

I've noticed that there seem to be fewer and fewer diggs, stumbles, favorites, etc coming from this site as each day goes by.

I'm wondering why this is because it seemed to be working so great the first few days and I would only assume that the user base would be growing.

The main problem that I think might be happening is I think people might just be getting 40-50 points and then not doing any more activities because they think they have enough points. Then no one ends up getting any more diggs or stumbles and everyone suffers.

I propose either:

1. Users with higher point totals are more likely to get put into activity list - This would encourage people to digg and stumble more sites so that they are more likely to receive them.

2. To prevent inflation of points, make it so that you must do 2 activities to receive 1 point, or each stumble, digg, etc. received takes away 2 points instead of one.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

skynex66 said...

grant: You are right about what happensn.

1. the tasks are only from the people who have credits, when you reach 0 credits your links won't show in the system

2. if the system takes 2 points for one vote all users will reach 0 credits and noone tasks will show in the task area. If you only recive 1 point for 2 tasks then there aren't enough tasks.

This also happened as in the last days i have worked on the natural link exchange system and did not have time to market this. So i ask the help of the users to participate in the referral program.

The natural link exchange will also help the favx api as users exchanging links have to come back the second day to add another link in the system.