Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 15 - Natural link exchange

This is another idea i had during the last days and it works best for blogs.
It's NOT something that will get you a PR10 :) but will get you a technorati rank under 30.000 in 6 months.
You can find it here
Also please tell me what you think about this.

This is how it works:
You add your page to the system and choose a link from a pool of links wich best match your page content. You add this link to your page and you are over with the work.
What happens next is that your link will get in the pool and replace the link you added so the next user who want to link can choose your's if it's valuable to his content and so on, and so on,
All the link tracking is made automatic and you have stats to see who links to your pages.
So you can now write content and let us manage your link campaigns.
If you add 1 post per day to your blog and use our system you will reach technorati rank 30.000 in 6 months as your links will show in a lot of blogs.
Also the links are related to content so google serps might love you too.

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Anonymous said...
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skynex66 said...

kevin: I have responded on the other post you placed. I just removed this as it is duplicate

Jennifer said...

I just joined this group. Where do I add my blog and where is the pool of links.