Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 25 - Updates

I have made a couple of updates:
1. You can choose the expiration date for your link
2. Some people suggested to add other networks so i added a new type called "other networks" where you can place links from whatever social network you want( like ). When there will be at least 3 user exchanging faves on a new network i'll add a new type for it.
1. I have made a page matcher so when you add a link it tells you what is your best match and it suggest you to link to it.

I'm also working on a new design and on promoting this site so we have more members.

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Chris said...

I think that we might increase the number of votes if you change it to a single task list again. If you just show tasks from the networks that users have completed in their profiles we can avoid the problem of users clicking on tasks for networks that they aren't in.

I also thought it might work well if you ordered the tasks by date entered descending, so newer tasks get votes first. That might seem a little unfair, but I think that it would even out for everyone over time.

BTW.. made the reddit front page again ;)

skynex66 said...

Chris: The tasks are ordered exactly as you say. Newer tasks first.

About only one list i don't know what to say.

Chris said...

I just think it would be easy to do. I would personally prefer to be voting on multiple sites at once anyway so that I am not going *vote* *vote* *vote* on the same site over and over again.

And if I have an account at one of those sites then it doesn't really matter.

I think the problem is that when we split up the list we suddenly split the users into really small groups based on what they had in the queue. If the user has an account at the site then they should be able to complete tasks on that site regardless of whether or not they have a bookmark shared for that site or not.

Just my opinion. I think that we would get a lot more votes going around that way.

skynex66 said...

Yes you are right specialy for the "other network" type wich noone sees as they don't have tasks asociated.

Should i place some checkboxes with "what tasks do you want to see" and check them all bydefault ?

How does that sound?

Chris said...

That would work :)