Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 26 - New link exchange tool for blogger

This is a new idea i had during last days but from what i know it only works on blogger blogs. Blogger has an widget to add a rss feed to your blog. So what i was thinking is:
1. You insert your blog in the system
2. The system will get last 5 posts from your blog
3. The system will generate a rss feed related to your blog content
4. You insert the feed in your blog using blogger feed widget

In this way you will have your last 5 posts links on a lot of pages of other blogs with similar content.
The system will take care of finding other blogs related to your blog.
So what happens is:
- Your blog will link to 5 blogs (1 per line) from each page of your blog
- Your blog will be linked from 5 other blogs in the system

The cool thing about this is that you will not get only 5 links to your blog becouse google does not crawl sites all at once and becouse of this each page in google index will have 5 different links.

Please tell me what you think and if you want to participate on this.

This is very usefull for new blogs to get indexed by search engines fast. And for old blogs to get latest posts more value in search engines

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Chris said...

I think we need to get the fav exchange back on track. Starting with the single task list :)

Matt said...

I've always shied away from link exchanges because they're fairly easy for the search engines to discover, and I've always heard they penalize them. Can anyone reference information to the contrary? I'm happy to be a believer if it is the case, but I'm skeptical and don't want to hurt my site's SERP.

Also, a separate issue, but why have my tasks dissapeared? The only way I can access them now is through the RSS reader, which isn't as convenient for me.

Chris said...

The reason the tasks are gone is because you don't have any active bookmarks for a site that has available tasks. This is one reason I keep asking for the single task list again.

Nadjib said...

Hi Bob

Unfortunetly I have not been using blogger but WP.

Do yo know if there any WP widget or plugin for link exchange?

Please let me know if you have the information.

Anamika said...

I have done it for one of my Blogs..but do not know if it generated traffic.

shylu said...

hi radu !!

how could rss feed help me to get traffic to my website through my blog...could message me in my profile at mybloglog or leave a mesg at my blog at