Monday, May 12, 2008

Experiment Day 9 - How to make money by paricipating in social networks

I had an ideea today and wanted to share it with the users of

How will sound for you to do the folowing things:
1. After we reach 1000 users to accept more users wich will have to pay 10$/month. They will only be alowed to join if referred by an existing user wich will recive part of the registration fee each month. (Also tell me a percentage of the money wich will work for you if you agree with this)
2. For people who don't spend too much time on social networking sites but want there content promoted we can charge them with 1$/vote and split the money with our existing users. (also tell me a percentage that would sound good to you)

Best Regards,


Matt said...

I think it certainly can't hurt--the alternative is just to leave a hard cap and get nothing. Once you can prove that this works, it could be especially powerful to marketers wanting to tap in.

BTW, I haven't seen another post, but how is it going? Are we getting close to the limit? Love the idea...think you should add Stumble & Propeller on here as well.

Anonymous said...

I think its a bit premature. The system needs a bit of work like making sure people actually vote instead of just click links.

The credit system is nice and I do think this system will work.

Before people put up money they will generally want to know if its effective. That said, 1,000 might be small depending on the activity of those 1,000 users.

Brady said...

I agree with matt, it can't hurt, but yes, you'll have to be able to demonstrate success. I'm seeing some benefit from my participation already and I can see that the benefit will increase with more users.

In my experience Stumble has been the most consistent driver of traffic over time and I think you should add it.

skynex66 said...

Matt: You can see the active users count on the register page. There are 198 till now (the 10'th day).If you have choose to see your tasks by google reader, google only refresh the feed once in a few hours since you are the only user to that feed.

skynex66 said...

Yes you are all right there is a lot of work before monetizing our votes. I only want to find out if this would be acceptable in the future so i can know in what direction should i take this project

skynex66 said...

Brady: Yes i have heard about Stumble. I newer used it before but will create an account now and see how it works and if it can be integrated in the sistem will doit till tomorow (Propeller also).

Onelite said...

To be honest once you reach 10 000 visitors maybe then it will be chargeable because you will have a lot more categories that people can link too.