Sunday, May 4, 2008

Starting the Experiment

I'm not a good writer so don't expect this blog to be a very pleasant reading. My native language also it's not english so be patient with me.

I Try to create a comunity of bloggers to help each other in getting more traffic to our blogs.
I'm developing an api to help bloggers exchange votes on digg, tehnorati and other social bookmarking sites.
Please check it out and give me your comments and sugestions.

Best Regards,

PS: If anyone if willing to help me write this blog i would much apreciate it. And alow him to place up to 3 links in each article. (This is a new blog so it has no PR yet but soon i hope :) )


Manishi said...

Hi dear I really appriciate your efforts and is willing to help you in all the way I can. But please tell what exactly is supposed to be narrated in the blog and I will do it for you.

All the best for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't going to create an account to see what your API actually does.

If you have created a way of automating votes on Digg, Technorati, etc. I'm afraid I have to pass because I believe we should get traffic on our sites in an honest manner. If people like our blogs, they will vote.

skynex66 said...

Yes but if our blogs don't get any votes to start on a decent position will never have the chance to have visitors who can like or dislike our blogs

skynex66 said...

And why are all this sites social networks? So you can create a group of friends and help eachother. That 's what i want to do here: To create a closed group of friends (about 1000)

skynex66 said...

Manishi: You can help by writing articles about social networks and how to get on top position on them. Ofcourse you can place up to 3 links of your own in each article. But Try to link to related (same or similar topic) content

Pamela said...

skynex66: You deleted all of the comments that are critical of your 'experiment'. Why am I not surprised that a someone who seeks to cheat a democratic system would also delete all dissenting voices?

I wish you poor luck with your endeavor.

skynex66 said...

Pamela: Yes, i have deleted the bad comments becouse even if some may consider this a cheating system i have worked to make it and promot it and i don't think i deserve all the mean words on my. Specialy from someone who does not know me.

Pamela said...

skynex66: It doesn't matter if I know you or not, and I understand that you have worked hard on this experiment. However, what you are trying to do is create a system that ruins the sites that you seek to use it on. You allow people to get attention to their blogs, not because they are deserving or what they present has some value, but because they have joined your gang of up-voters. People who value sites, like reddit, do not want to have material that is not voted up by the regular and REAL users to reach the top or anywhere near it. It ruins the functionality of the site and brings the quality way down.

That you would advertise your system on these sites through posts and through contacting people personally (which is how I found you) shows that you don't have an understanding of how these sites really work and what the users want. You will not succeed because of that.

I am sure you are a nice person; you certainly are polite. I have nothing against you personally, I just think that what you are doing is unethical and causes problems on good sites.

dhodotes (dhoni) said...

Hi Radu, nice to see u here. May I have permission to "link" your site to my blog? I'm an Indonesian and my blog is a such way on how I try to learn English. Thanks Radu.