Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 31 - First month over

There is 1 month since i started working on this project and i can say i'm happy with the results.
5 articles from our network got popular on digg. I can't say it's because of the fav exchange or the articles war realy good. Also 12 articles have been on the first page of reddit for at least 2 hours. Also we got some traffic from stumbleupon.
1rstlink stats:
- we manage to get 540 users so far from wich about 100 are active users at least every 2 days.
- people started linking to us
- we got on hot communities on mybloglog

I hope each one of you is happy with the results and lets hope till next month will do better.

Best Regards,


Chris said...

Please change the task list back so that it can include a mixed task list. I think that 1rst link worked so much better when it was like that.


Anonymous said...

I can't make tasks if they're not presented to me.

I don't see tasks unless I put a task on the page.

if I post a digg task, I get digg tasks back. I do not get Reddit, Propeller, Mixx, etc.

I have to post a reddit/propeller/mixx task to get those lists of tasks.

This is limiting the effectiveness of the tool, in my opinion.

When I first signed up, I received a large list of tasks from all providers. That was simple to use and allowed me to perform tasks quickly.

Can we have the large task list back? Thank you.

Andrew Chapman said...

I come here all the time, and use the natural fav exchange, I hope others will join up so we can all improve our Technorati Authority more rapidly. Andrew Chapman dot Net

Gale Wind Travel said...
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Noni said...

good article..keep good work.Good luck for you...

XMAN said...

I was just wondering what the very best tactics for link backs would be. I see that you are using this 1st link or something like that, but I am not really sure what it is actually doing.

Anonymous said...

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