Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello from Beatrice !


My name is Beatrice and I will be your host for the next few weeks - hopefully longer.
My tasks are straight forward as I will keep you updated/posted with the latest news from and overall information about web links - since my day job is as a SEO analyst I hope I will be able to bring useful news, tips and tricks and the most important thing, to post all the news and new features from

Thank you


Iago de Otto said...

Beatrice, hey.

Just joined from a link sent to me by John Currie via Facebook. Then came to this blog first to check it out before checking out 1st Link. Okay, I'll now do that (along with all the on-going "multi-tasking" demands of an intrepid Netrepreneur.) Looking forward to learning here, just loving that learning curve, such a slippery slope.

Yours in good faith,

Tinnitus said...

Hi - this is a really cool website, I ma using it and will recommend it to my users. I made a little video and blogged about it here

John Currie

pingspider said...

PS I forgot to say I also sent a note to my Facebook friends :) said...

I started using this site a few weeks ago. While I think the idea is a good one, the implementation still needs some work. Vote counting is skewed and new users have a hard time figuring out how to get started. I think digg votes should first take you in an iframe to the site to be dugg, then to digg to vote for it. 50% of the "diggs" I get never show up (I have one that says 10 ppl dugg me, but on it shows 5. Also I have to write step by step instructions to any new user I bring over because its not very self explanatory. I also think the link exchange should be put on hold until there are enough users to not make it a link circle. Don't want users getting banned because of this. By the way, Welcome.

BlogMaster said...

Hello Beatrice and welcome,

I would like to post that I agree with Blueballdomains comments about Digg and I also think there is a similar problem with Reddit.

This is a great service and it would be even better if these little problems can be addressed. said...

If someone in control of this site could email me I have some information about a few bugs I have found. I would rather not mention them here as they would basically ruin the point of this site. Sorry, but I have emailed and they go ignored, so I figured I would post here.

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skynex66 said...
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SilentJay said...

This is nothing more than a spammy voting ring that should be shut down. You are gaming the system. This is not what Social Media is about. You have my attention, and not in a good way.

Joe said...

I have to disagree with you about this site. This site is a necessity. You see the Spammers already control most of the social sites. That's why it's so hard to rate when you are an average Joe.

Dan Mihaliak said...

Hello Beatrice
BTW I just love that name. I like the concept of what you are doing. I plan on trying a couple of things found here.

Matt said...

So I haven't seen anything new on here in quite some time there anyone actively working on this, or has it fizzled? In theory it was terrific, but it seems to be losing steam of late.