Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beta testers wanted

I have almost finished the new site. You can find it at: beta.1rstlink.com.
I'm searching for a couple of beta testers to help me find bugs before it goes online.
The database it's linked with the main site so if you work from here your credits and links will be counted.

Thanks for our help.

Best Regards,


Kylyssa said...

I just registered for 1rst Link and look forward to testing it out. I also linked to it on my blog in my latest entry.

Are there any widgets available to promote 1rst Link?


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

A widgets is currently under development and it will be online within the beta version soon.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...
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LuluMom said...

Hi, I could certainly use more traffic.

Jared said...

I've been testing for a couple of days now and sometimes I'm automatically logged into another users acount after simply refreshing the fav exchange link. I sense this is happening to other users as my credits tend to vanish after an extended period. I thought I'd bring this up seeing as how there's no forum or means of reporting bugs.



skynex66 said...

Jared: Thanks for testing. The problem is that the server sometimes rewrites the session[user][id] (probably becouse it's a shared server and and the session storage is the same for all apis on the server.). I have added an extra level of security and i think i have fixed the problem now. Please write here if this happens again. Regards,

Matt said...

Is anyone else having an issue with adding/deleting favorite sites to be voted upon??