Saturday, September 27, 2008

Site Issues

Recently i realized the site has some bugs.
1. the session storage is shared with other sites as it is on a shared server and because of that the users sometimes jumped into other users account. This is a major issue but i have fixed that by adding an extra security layer. Now if the session id changed you are automatic logged out. Please report here if this has been fixed.

2. the second problem i have noticed is that sometimes the credits don't update. Please give me more feedback on this issue so i can understand what happens.

3. on the new template we have some missing text fields short_description. If you can help me here with writing a short description for each product i would appreciate it.
This is important because the new users don't understand what they have to do and leave the site. And if that happens we loose a potential vote exchange or link exchange partner.

I know that i shoud fix all the problems and not to ask for your help but this is an free project and i don't have a lot of time to work on it.

I would apreciate your help.

Best Regards,

PS: I will also migrate the site from php4 to php5 this week when i have time and will check for the bugs reported here.